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  • Colon Clean Premium™ is formulated for gentle cleansing to flush out toxins & waste, using pure ingredients that have been shown effective in clinical studies.

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What is Colon Cleansing & How Does it Work?

Only a Quality Colon Cleansing Formula Will Provide Effective Results Without Nasty Side Effetcs.

Premium Colon Clean ExtractOK, first things first- it is important to understand that not all colon cleansing supplements are created equal. Only a high quality formula is going to get you the results you are looking for. Specifically, the most effective supplements contain a blend of ingredients that have been clinically proven beneficical for internal cleansing together with a probiotic for optimizing intestinal health. With no added fillers, binders, additives or unnescessary ingredients.

Why Include 12 Key Ingredients? The ingredients that make up our unique formala include psyllium husk, oats, bentonite clay, prune, apple pectin, aloe vera, mangosteen, flax seed, papaya leaf, black walnut, glucomannan PLUS L-acidophilus (probiotic). These ingredients have been shown to effectively cleanse the colon as well as support a healthy intestinal tract to prevent future complications. These can be used long term and present no side effects. Many clinical studies found in journals such as Obesity journal support the use of these ingredients. There are many formulas out there that can have a less than favourable outcome and some even presenting horrible side effects, such as stomach cramp or worse still, long term intestinal damage.

What is Colon Cleansing and How Does it Benefit the Body? The practice of ridding the body of toxic or harmful substances, also referred to as detoxification, is the basis of a colon cleanse. Dating back many years, it has once again become popluar for those looking to kick start weight loss programmes or simply to optmize intestinal health. One of the main theories behind colon cleansing is the belief that undigested meat and other foods cause mucus buildup in the colon. This build-up produces toxins, which enter the blood's circulation, poisoning the body. Regular cleansing is believed to benefit good health, increase energy and reduce the likelihood of certain diseases.

What is the Key to Finding a Good Formula?

The key to finding an effective formula lies within the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients used. They must be pure, all natural and clinically proven for gentle effective cleansing with no side effects as found in supplements like Colon Clean Premium.

Ingredients such as prunes, oats, mangosteen and aloe vera have been associated with good intestinal health for many years, with probiotics such as L-acidophilus, a key probitoc for balancing healthy levels of bacteria in the intestinal tract. Research has documented the power of such ingredients for ridding the body of toxins and waste to gently and effectively cleanse the colon.

While many colon cleansers exert only one effect on the body, Colon Clean Premium™ sets itself apart as a dual-action solution that not only eliminates waste quickly but also boosts optimal intestinal health and prevents future complications.

Colon Cleansing for Top Health Benefits

A range of reported benefits include increasing a more efficient digestive system, maintaining regularity and preventing constipation, increasing energy and boosting good skin health. Most people report a better sense of well being, feeling lighter and stronger. It is a great way to kick start weight loss programs and is thought to decrease the risk of colon cancer and other associated colon conditions.

What's the Science Behind It All?

And Does it Really Work?

Colon Clean Weight Loss WorksMany believe that our bodies are well equipped to take care of ridding itself of waste naturally, and that there is no intervention necessary. Other theories disagree and believe that natural cleansing, if undertaken correctly, is incredibly beneficial for the body and colon health.

Many clinical studies published in Obesity journal, demonstrate positive effects of beneficial ingredients for cleansing the body of waste and toxins. The clinical trial supports the positive effects of colon cleansing - the natural way. You can see the full clinical study by Clicking here.

So, to recap, a premium quality colon cleansing product works to rid the body of waste and toxins that, when left, can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, constipation and bloating. Furthermore, a quality supplement can also promote optimal intestinal health to ensure that future complications of the intestines are limited as well as ensuring top colon health.

Clincially proven ingredients, such as those found in the Colon Clean Premium, can help you acheive your colon cleansing goals, even kick starting weight loss as well as maximizing healthy intestinal flora and preventing future complications. But, make sure you only buy a premium colon cleansing product that will actually help you, not just some powder in a pill.